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Preventative maintenance in today's equine athlete is imperative. Core Motion is a great way to support joint health on a daily basis.
Dr. Ian Campbell, DVM

Nutrition is the basis. You have to have the right nutrition to maximize your horses performance. Core Balance has very high standards in their ingredients and the levels are properly balanced.
Justin Ritthaler, DVM

Performance horses have to have the proper nutrition to reach their full potential of their natural ability.
Jeffery Foland, DVM

There are a lot of nutritional products available out there and many of them are inexpensive. Proper nutrition is expensive. You need to go with a reputable company like Core Balance. With Core Balance products, you can actually see the difference in the horse.
Bruce Hebbert, DVM

For any horse in a training barn that wants a good baseline, all-around supplement, it would be the Core Balance Training Formula. It has a good joint protectant with the rest of the proper vitamins and minerals.
Justin Ritthaler, DVM

In performance horses, nutrition is critical. It’s very important to have the proper nutrients in the horse’s diet so when he needs them, he gets them. The Training Formula does a really good job of doing that.
Bruce Hebbert, DVM

Core Builder is one of my favorite products. You can put a thin, not thriving horse on the Builder and see a pretty dramatic change in a month to six weeks without changing anything else.
Jeffrey Foland, DVM

We find Core Builder to be a valuable supplement both for horses rehabilitating athletic injuries and busy, upper level performance horses.
Dr. Russ Peterson, DVM

With Core Builder, you can get results in thirty to sixty days.
Justin Ritthaler, DVM

The importance of nutrition in a pregnant mare is very important. The Developmental Formula enables them to get the trace minerals and micro-nutrients in order for that foal to develop in utero and after it’s born.
Jeffrey Foland, DVM

One of the big issues as an equine practitioner is developmental orthopaedic disease in foals. It is multifactorial. The first thing is genetics, then biomechanical stress or traumatic injury, and then there is nutrition. As a veterinarian, nutrition in the broodmare is the one thing I can control. It’s really important to have something like the Developmental Formula to feed them.
Bruce Hebert, DVM

The pregnant mare’s nutrition is just as, if not more, important because they are building a baby inside of them.
Justin Ritthaler, DVM

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